Those Who Prefer to Sleep in Various Positions

Choose from 11.5- and 14.5-inch profiles in soft (3), medium firm or rugged Testers weighing at least 130 pounds, especially those who sleep on their stomachs or backs, prefer the mattress’ firm feel they are the best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain. The cooling performance was also a highlight for us. The organic cotton cover and the two coil layers help the mattress maintain a comfortable temperature. The coil layers work to prevent and make it simple to get in and out of bed by reinforcing the perimeter.

Materials Used

The sleek design won us because of its Euro top and breathable organic cotton cover. You’ll feel less pressure on your pressure points because of the soft foam in the Euro-top. A lumbar pad included in the bed’s foam base helped our sleepers maintain proper spinal alignment, and a layer of pocketed micro-coils improved the responsiveness of the bed. High-density foam encircled the support core made of recycled steel hourglass coils, preventing our testers from falling over the sides.

Sleepers Maintain Proper Spinal Alignment

White-glove service is provided at no cost to you when you order from and have it sent anywhere inside the 48 contiguous states. Setup and removal of your old mattress from your home are included at no additional cost. The bed can be tried for 365 nights and returned for a $99 restocking charge if it isn’t to your liking. Any manufacturing flaws in the mattress will be repaired for as long as you possess the bed.

Mutant Offspring of Silk and Snow

Combination of Silk and Snow Tentative Trial Duration: One Hundred Nights (30-night requirement) Limited Warranty for Fifteen Years Beds are available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes. Those who would benefit most from it: Hybrid bed/sleepers, Sleep-disordered breathing sufferers who experience an uncomfortable buildup of pressure, Smokers in bed

The Foam Layers

The foam layers provide intense pressure relief. Zoned coils offer better lumbar support. Beds that use waves to distribute airflow to the sleeping surface can be used to maintain Discounted Sleep Foundation Membership more effectively! For the current savings on Silk & Snow mattresses, please click

According to our research, the Silk & Snow Hybrid provides the spinal cushioning we usually associate with foam while maintaining a level body profile thanks to its coil support centre. If you tend to switch sleeping positions throughout the night, this option is a good choice because of how well it works in all of them.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid is a high-quality bed that combines foam with a pocketed coil core. If you regularly change positions while sleeping and want firm cushioning along the spine without compromising support for appropriate sleep posture, this well-rounded design is a suitable option.

How Well It Worked

Our team’s side sleepers unanimously agreed that this bed was their favourite. Since the shoulders and hips take the brunt of the weight while you sleep in this posture, the foam layers should help disperse the weight evenly. Even our heaviest back sleepers (230 pounds) found this bed satisfactory. Thanks to the coil construction of the mattress and the airflow it provides, we experienced a comfortable night’s sleep without overheating. The foam layers aren’t super thick, so they don’t mould as closely to your body and end up trapping less heat than thicker foam layers would.

The support centre comprises pocketed coils, which compress in response to your weight but push back to maintain their shape. The waves are zoned to provide additional lumbar support, preventing excessive sagging in the midsection. The antimicrobial cover, made of polyester and spandex, is designed to keep bacteria at bay.